April, 1971, finally arrived and Spring was in full bloom. What’s better is that I had just gotten out of the Army and was free for the first time in years. I had a couple of blankets, a pillow, some clothes, a few pans, and my horn, and that’s all I needed. I didn’t mind … Read more

The Superman Contest

The Superman Contest   When I was five and a half years old, my family lived in a big two-story house near Mission, Texas. My brother Lee was eleven and my youngest brother, Lowell, was only one, so my brother Lynn, four years old, was my best friend. We spent more time playing with each … Read more

My Nha Trang Vacation

My Nha Trang Vacation!   In June of 1963, our family of five had been living in Saigon for six sweaty months. We were familiar with the city, but had never been anywhere else in Vietnam. Saigon had been mired in turmoil since we arrived, and the day school let out for the summer a … Read more

A slice of untold history from the Vietnam War

The reader reviews on and the comments I’ve been seeing on my Facebook page have been overwhelmingly positive, which allays many of the fears I’ve been entertaining lately. About the time “Saigon Kids” was set to debut I realized that, as much as I might want to see my book in print, publishing my … Read more